How Tapona is Changing Lives Through Poultry Farming

Poverty is a major problem in many parts of the world, and it can have a devastating impact on people’s lives. In some cases, poverty can lead to hunger, malnutrition, and even homelessness.

There are many organizations that are working to help people who are living in poverty. One such organization is Tapona. This organization is dedicated to helping people in the coastal region by providing them with poultry, feed, and training.

Tapona believes that poultry farming can be a sustainable way for people to lift themselves out of poverty. Poultry is a relatively inexpensive animal to raise, and it can provide a steady source of income for families.

The organization provides families with chickens, feed, and training on how to raise and care for the chickens. The families are then responsible for selling the eggs and chickens, and using the proceeds to improve their lives.

Tapona has helped many families in the coastal region. The organization has received positive feedback from the families who have received the assistance.

One family who was helped by Tapona is Godfrey Inyait’s family. They are a family that lives in a small village of Jacaranda in Watamu. Samuel Baya is one of the few pastors in the area but his family was struggling to make ends meet, and they were often unable to do so.

Godfrey with his family

In 2022, Godfrey came to hear about Tapona. He applied for assistance, and got accepted into the program. The organization provided the family with chickens, feed, and training.

Godfrey Inyait has been able to improve his family’s lives thanks to the assistance of Tapona. He is now able to provide for their family, and they are no longer in their previous state of poverty. Samuel can even run his small church more comfortably and has a newly constructed structure thanks to his chicken sales.

Godfrey’s wife taking care of the poultry

Tapona is keen making a real difference in the lives of people who are living in poverty. By providing families with the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty, it is helping to create a brighter future for the coastal region.

If you are interested in learning more about Tapona, or if you would like to make a donation, please visit their website at .

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