Entrepreneur Spotlight : Dr. Sylvia Barasa

Adorn Skins Solution.

Sylvia Barasa is the owner and founder of Adorn Skins Solutions, a business that deals in skin and hair care by providing solutions for different skin and hair types. She offers wellness packages that apply a holistic approach to care leading to remission of disease and restoration of health as well as enhancement of beauty.

Her passion has grown to become an online platform, where Sylvia is empowering the public by educating them on how to handle common skin concerns and caring for their skin on a day-to-day basis. She also came up with an advanced skin care certificate course for her clients.

“The journey has been great so far! It has been a learning curve of falls and rises, fails and triumphs, scars and medals…In all I give thanks. I was facing challenges accessing funding as a small sized health care start up. Business is a whole life class on its own; a race to run and a fight daily,” she opened up about her journey.

The Zeal

The challenge of accessing funds and knowing how to seek investors for her venture made her want to seek a sustainable solution and this is why she joined Tapona’s Accelerator Program. Through the program, she was able to link up with mentors, get management tips and access a network that has helped her  handle these hurdles along the way.

“ During the program I was able to learn and apply these important aspects of business. It was also immensely useful as I was finally able to redo our logistics and administrative structures that oversee daily running.” she says.

The Impact

“The training has grounded me in fundamentals of a business vision and mission, what do we drive at, what is our end goal, what is our ultimate outcome beyond selling. The wholeness of the training helped me to redesign my model and look at overall long-term impact.” Sylvia reveals.

“We have started a whatsapp group for public awareness to engage women on safe skin care, had a mothers training session on baby skin care and a preteen girls session on menstrual hygiene and pubertal skin care on which we also partnered with a menstrual coach to cover a program guiding girls on menarche.”


Sylvia’s ultimate vision is to expand and keep her trajectory of growth in her business venture. Her greatest joy is in providing solutions for people who have skin care issues by giving them a way to glow and be confident.

She also posts her products on her website and on Instagram in order to target and reach out to more customers online. You can find her on instagram https://www.instagram.com/adornskinsolutions/ or on her website adornskinsolutions.co.ke

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