Entrepreneur Spotlight- Tabasamu Diapers

Rahab’s Entrepreneurship Journey

Rahab Shimuli of Tabasamu diapers started her business after she lost her job earlier this year. This was not initially part of her plan as she had started making diapers for her infant son.

This was meant to fulfill a personal need. As she got better at making homemade diapers some of her friends started requesting her to make the same for them. That is how she started Tabasamu diapers.

Her business operates within Vihiga County. She hopes to expand her operations and reach a wider market.

Some samples of Tabasamu’s disposable diapers.

Some of the challenges she faced from the onset of the business was that it is difficult to source quality cotton, which is durable and more absorbent. Rahab felt the need to digitize and expand her business horizons by creating stronger entrepreneurial skills. She also hoped that she could get funding for her business to combat the situation of inadequate finances.

The Zeal

When Rahab found out about Tapona’s Women Founders’ Bootcamp, it immediately resonated with her business aspirations. After enrolling and successfully completing the course, she was  able to learn the core business elements to incorporate into her enterprise.

She also learnt how to come up with different business strategies.

“The training taught me many aspects of entrepreneurship including how to prepare an investor worthy business plan and be fully equipped as a business and  how to be investor- ready.’, Rahab discloses. ‘ This will go a long way in making me equipped and prepared for potential partners and investors for my business’.

The Impact

The training with Tapona, according to her, exceeded her expectations.

‘It was an eye-opener especially when it came to coming up with a credible business plan, budgeting and pricing for my products.’

So far, she has created employment by having one more person who designs and brings to life her washable diapers.She hopes to create more jobs in the designing and tailoring of the diapers.


Rahab plans to roll out the project to go beyond Vihiga County. She also intends to expand her product lineup by introducing natural baby products. With the rising cost of living, Rahab hopes that her business will help reduce the daily expenditure of the household by having a cheaper option relative to the disposable diapers that are costly. The diapers also are a climate solution since they are reusable and washable.

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