How to Make a Successful Business Pitch for Your Business

A business pitch is meant to give potential investors a detailed glimpse of your business. A good business pitch not only highlights your business strengths but is also meant to show the benefits that investors can get from having a stake in your venture. The ultimate goal is to have them say ‘yes’ by the end of the session. 

This means you have to have a well laid out structure to your pitch. One of the most resourceful methods of structuring a business pitch is summarized by the WHAC method. This was brought into focus by the author Brandt Pividic, of the 3 Minute Rule. In a nutshell, the method entails asking yourself these fundamental questions;

  1. What does your business entail?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Are you sure?
  4. Can You Do It?

Now that you’ve got your structure right, here are some tips to make your business pitch more convincing for your potential investors;

  1. Understand what the audience needs from you

Do your research when it comes to the people you are planning on presenting your pitch to. 

This will help you curate and mold your pitch to resonate with their drives and motivations, and help them see the long term goals that your business may help them actualize. Check out their social media, websites and other online resources to ensure you are at par with them.

  1. Have an impactful and impressive one pager

   It’s amazing what a one pager can offer in showing your overall business design. A one pager will help bring into focus your business as a brochure does, but in a way that is  more condensed and summarized.

It presents your business in an easy to digest and read format for anyone who wants to understand what your business is all about.

A good one pager shows;

  • The business challenges
  • How your business aims to solve this
  • The value your business adds .
  1. Have your elevator pitch ready

An elevator pitch is very handy if you come in touch with a potential investor on the move for example at a lounge or elevator and the conversation leads to the question on what your business does.

In summary a great elevator pitch includes;

  • Introduction to your business
  • The problem or challenges available
  • Value Proposition
  • Call to Action
  1. Use Visual Aids

Vision is the primary sense function of a human being. How a thing is seen influences how people perceive it and have an overall mental impression around it. Our brains are wired for visuals so make sure that you have a well designed and rich in graphics presentation for your business.

You can incorporate photographs, infographics and other clear pictorials to make your pitch more appealing and easier on the eyes. Images trigger empathy and can make your presentations better understood and win more people over.

  1. Explain your business model effectively 

Being able to explain your business model effectively will go a long way in winning over the trust of potential investors. Imagine them asking what’s in it for them and weave your business model to bring this out in as clear a manner as possible.

If you apply these tips on your next pitch you will have a greater chance of bringing potential investors on board and making your business rise to the next level.

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