Empowering Women For Successful Businesses

In the business world, women feel like they are stepping in a world dominated by men when they look to start a business. Perhaps you may have noticed that there’s a disparity in the business field. You are right; for example, women entrepreneurs run only about 30% of all employer businesses in Kenya.

 In most instances, they do not feel the inclusivity primarily because they are female. Women in the business world often face sexism, lots of foul language, aggressive behavior against them and occasional dirty jokes, something that can demoralize their motivation.

We need to recognize that gender bias is not only a woman issue, but also a human issue. This is to say that while gender biasness disproportionately harms women in the business field, it also extends to the men in many ways such as fathers not actively involved in their children’s lives because they are stereotyped to be the only breadwinners in the family. Even more recently, suicide rates of men are on an upscale because the society has taught them to stifle their emotions so as not look weak. 

We need to educate ourselves so as to avoid instances of unconscious biases. This can begin at home,  as well as by empowering our women to  run successful businesses. Here are some ways that we can actualize this:

Funding Women Start- ups

Every organization needs funding but for women entrepreneurs, this is almost always difficult. Many organizations, in seeking a revolution, have stepped up in supporting women start-ups with finances so that they can run successful businesses.

Tapona Foundation, recognizes the challenges faced by women- owned businesses and has developed several programs designed to alleviate this problem of insufficient funds. The only call is for women to fully take leverage on these opportunities. You can visit our website to find more about the 10,000 Women Businesses Initiative.

Boosting Women’s Confidence in Entrepreneurship

Many women entrepreneurs have pointed out that they are not taken as seriously as their male counterparts in the business industry. Whatever industry, whether big or small, from the tech companies to touts in buses, women have been stereotyped to have gotten the positions out of luck or nepotism and not hard work, skill or knowledge. This is wildly inaccurate.

As Tapona Foundation runs its programs, the women are impacted with knowledge and their confidence is boosted on how to overcome others’ negative perceptions. As they share the knowledge they have as well as the experiences, their self awareness and confidence grows in preparation for any hurdles on their path.

Teaching Women the Art of Networking

Networking is one of the most important tools to be employed for the future of one’s business. Women need to be taught this art so that they can sustain their businesses. This can be done by meeting the right people as well as creating a resourceful community in the social platforms. This will enable them to interact with peers in the industries they are in, meet potential partners and investors as well as clientele.

Tapona Foundation is actively involved in this as it connects people from diverse economic sectors and capacities as well as graduates from the various programs it has facilitated. 

Breaking Societal Stereotypes

The woman has been defined by society to only the gender role of giving birth and care giving. When the woman appears in a formal sector, she is sometimes  seen as incapable and weak. We need to educate our society on the importance of women in the business sector and change this narrative. 

Studies show that women tend to generate higher revenues, create more jobs, provide effective leadership and have a great capacity for impacting their communities.


We all need to invest in hands-on businesses run by women as they are the key to revolutionizing our economies. We should not look down upon one’s work or question their capability. There is a need to get rid of these archaic beliefs if we want to prosper.

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