10,000 Women Businesses Initiative: The Time is Now

Investing in our women is not just about investing in individuals; it is the next crucial step in our collective empowerment as a generation. For a long time the economic contribution of women has been downplayed, if not altogether ignored, and this has had serious negative implications on our society’s well being.Women have been robbed of their right to economic freedom and this has resulted in an imbalance that has not been easy to resolve.

It is with this in mind that Tapona Foundation,in close connection with the Pan African Women Empowerment Summit 2022, chose to initiate the 10,000 Women Program www.taponafoundation.org. This is a comprehensive and structured initiative towards empowering women by offering training,  incentives, marketing strategies and creating linkages and building new partnerships to launch and sustain their businesses.

This initiative takes the challenge head on; by going straight to necessities of starting an enterprise and the necessary skills to make it a sustainable venture for every woman.

 Here are the key features that makes Tapona Foundation’s 10,000 Women Initiative an impact oriented approach towards women’s empowerment:

  1. Business Knowledge and Management

A hands-on skill intensive 12-week program is the cornerstone of the training. Here the women will be given a holistic business knowledge and management course where they will be opened up to the world of profit-making with a special focus on impacting lives of people they touch.

Aspects that will be covered in the training include:

  • Raising Capital, Business Development, Marketing Strategies, Management and more.
  • Practical learning with interactive activities, business plan competition, one-on-one mentorship, and learning with instructors from top business schools.
  1. Access to Capital

Tapona Foundation has a partnership with Ottoboni Funds and AU6RC  which is geared to making a strong contribution to expanding financing availability to women-owned businesses. Through this the trainees of the program will be able to access;

  • Women tailored capital to close African women’s credit gap.
  • Access to capital to build women businesses .
  • Financial advice and services to meet women business needs, helping to transform thousands of lives.
  1. Mentorship

Our program provides access to business coaches and mentors who will facilitate:

  • Access to online and in-person industry experts mentors and seasoned entrepreneurs from across African and international mentors.
  • A matching program of  mentors to entrepreneurs based on industry, sector, and interest through technology enables platforms.

Our mentors have years of experience running their successful businesses. This naturally becomes an opportune aspect of empowerment.

  1. Networking

The participants have networking opportunities at country and regional meetups which will work to:

  • Ignite the entrepreneurial fire, and connect with other entrepreneurs.
  • Graduates of the program will join Tapona alumni networks across Africa.
  • The alumni entrepreneurs will get follow-up support, networking events , and opportunities for post-graduation fellowship and coaching, including Tapona Accelerator Fellowship

These measures are fundamentals that will ensure all the women who go through the initiative receive the best tools to launch their business careers. It will also see them get equipped enough to not only improve their lives but also impact their families and communities at a collective level.


We are looking forward to creating a pride of lionesses who can sufficiently leverage on opportunities to improve and sustain their lives. Your consideration and presence will make this Initiative highly successful. We are looking forward to seeing you.

You are Most Welcome! Le Bienvenu! Karibu sana!

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