Upscaling your skills as an entrepreneur

Starting up a business is quite a huge step, but do you know sustaining, being constant and growing it can be a very stressful process? Here are a few tips on how to upscale your skills;

  1. Know your customers

At first you need to study your customers so that you can get an idea of their wants, wishes and buying behavior. You can go further and know your customers’ name, age, preference, income and more. This will help to effectively make your product or service available.

  • Outsource operations

This means a business practice of hiring a party outside a company to perform services that were traditionally performed by the company’s own staff. This will help to increase efficiency.

  • Smart marketing

This is a framework for successful goal setting.






  • Securing funds is a fundamental step when looking forward to expand your business. This will ease the process.
  • Give detailed product description especially when doing an online sale since the customers are not physically involved.
  • Practice resilience

This means you find a way of bouncing back from difficult times in your entrepreneurship journey. For example, after COVID-19 pandemic in year 2019. You can achieve this by;

  • Staying focused on the present
  • Avoiding the nay-sayers.
  • Focus on developing your skills.
  • Reflect and be honest to yourself.
  • Be confident, friendly, approachable and consistence

Having everything readily available on shelf does not guarantee you customers especially when you look intimidated and wear a gloomy face all through. Confidence is important in every business because it helps you to deal better with conflict and improves your communication skills. In this way, one is able to take feedback better.

  • Connecting with other entrepreneurs’ shows that the business is strong and able to withstand sudden changes. With healthy connections, information, skills and knowledge can be easily exchanged.


If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you must be willing and be ready to thrive every day for upscaling a business carries its own challenges and competition.

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