The Need For Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is the process of running a business with the overall aim of making it an impact-driven initiative. Unlike most enterprises, a social enterprise is geared not only on profit making but creating a tangible difference in the lives of people in one’s community.

Tapona Foundation is geared towards making this aspect of business a common thing in the world. This is because unless businesses adopt a more mindful and inclusive approach to entrepreneurship, sustainability will be only a pipe dream. It is with this in mind that we have programs such as the Tapona Accelerator, which seeks to instill this fundamental principle to innovative entrepreneurs.

Here is why there’s a certain need for the thriving of social entrepreneurship at this point in our lives:

  1. Source of Inspiration

Running a business that’s impact oriented is a beautiful way to show what’s possible. It proves the resilience of the human spirit, and gives an indication of what’s essentially possible if we approach life from a more inclusive point of view.

As human beings there is need for hope and a motivation that there’s enough good in the world, enough possibilities for people to thrive and make a life for themselves. As a social entrepreneur you are playing the role of indicating what’s truly possible.

  1. Fulfill People’s Needs

The whole reason for the existence of a business is to fulfill people’s needs. Social entrepreneurship takes this a notch higher because it focuses on bringing a tangible set of solutions to people’s lives.

It becomes not only a short term seeking to fulfill your own needs, but a bigger-picture perspective for your community. Once this sets in into your motivation, it will naturally bring you to an innovative state where you seek to create more solutions. It’s what the world needs.

  1. Make the World a Better Place

We are all part of this vast ecosystem. Thriving on the planet naturally translates to prosperity for you. Becoming a social entrepreneur means being conscious enough to realize the role you play in this wide arena, and the impact it has on the whole.

When you find solutions, they tend to have a chain of results that will ultimately trickle back to you in one form or another. For example, by helping to reduce poverty, a social entrepreneur creates a situation where success for everyone comes closer to being a reality.

  1. Brings Fulfillment

As human beings there is a natural need to be needed. It is not until a person can feel their worth, that they are important, and that something would be missing without them, that fulfillment becomes a possibility.

Social entrepreneurship gets you in touch with what matters most to you, combining your passion and aspiration to create an actualization that makes a difference in people’s lives. 

  1. Helps Discover Their Purpose

Another important possibility that social entrepreneurship opens up is helping other people realize their goals. By creating jobs and improving livelihoods, your business provides a thriving ground for people to succeed.

When people find their purpose it becomes like a flower has opened up; a fragrance is released and it creates a certain milieu, a certain atmosphere for even greater possibilities.

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