Social Media Marketing for Startups

Social media is one of the most crucial tools this time and age for anyone keen on making their business thrive. The dynamism and far reaching aspect of it is instrumental in ensuring your business is visible and is on an upward growth trajectory. For a startup it’s only natural that  your marketing strategy has a strong social media awareness if you want it to expand to its utmost level.

Here are some aspects that social media has on your business:

1. High Traffic

With over 4.4 Billion people worldwide using social media and interacting daily, you can see why networking and campaigns rely heavily on this medium. You have a wide audience that you can choose from and narrow down to. The best thing is that you can use ad services to curate your content to your target group. 

2. Brand Awareness

Visibility is one of the most important factors that influence the sales and familiarity of people with your brand and business.  The more regularly your content is seen, the higher the likelihood of purchases and enquiries about your business. Most successful businesses have a regular social media presence to ensure that there is a substantial amount of brand awareness within their customers and potential client’s feed.

3. Easy and Direct Communication

You would be surprised at how valuable feedback and direct communication is for any business. Social media gives your clients an easy and accessible means to reach out to you for any issue that may arise. This accessibility offers you a chance to not only improve on your service delivery but to also deal with any potential mishap that may undermine the image of your business.

A quick and easy response time will also help build trust with your clients and make it more likely for them to recommend your services and product to others.

Here are some way you can increase your social media presence:

  1. Pick The Right Social Media Channel

It is wise to narrow down to two or three social media channels for your brand. This will give you an easy way to regularly organize posts and check on the feedback. See which platforms are most used by your target audience and focus your marketing content to match that.

  1. Increase your Video Content

Human beings are visual creatures. Video content, therefore, has an arguably far more reach and impact as compared to textual mediums. So make videos that highlight the key aspects of your product and make the video posts as regular as possible.

  1. Align With Current Topics

One of the most effective marketing strategies in social media is aligning your content to match up with current and trending topics. This is because they offer a high level of engagement with people and can make your business visible to potential clients. Search Engine Optimization or S.E.O gives you a way to make this possible in the field that your startup is in.

Social media is a handy tool to grow and market your startup. It only requires a certain dedication and management and it can open up more windows of opportunity for you.

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