Entrepreneurship for Social Action

Entrepreneurship is seen by many as the fast track towards independence, both financially and at a personal level. The idea paints an image of creating one’s own goals, setting your own schedule and becoming your own boss. This however, is only part of the story as entrepreneurship comes with its own set of challenges . One of these challenges is the fact that entrepreneurs don’t normally consider the social implications of their ventures on their communities.

It is imperative that your business be as inclusive as possible,since the social situation around you has a direct impact not only on the profits but also on the day to day operations of your business. A conducive environment will help you grow your business and set precedence for a more sustainable approach of running your venture while creating a positive social impact.

Tapona Foundation is keen on empowering entrepreneurs across the world towards developing and implementing innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions to some of our most pressing social and environmental demands. This is all in effort to come up with brilliant ideas and against all the odds and help alleviate poverty from their communities. 

Through the Tapona Accelerator program social entrepreneurship is given the topmost priority and distilled in its essence to the entrepreneurs going through the  four month program. One of the ways that this is done is through the growth and impact component module which aims to bridge the profit aspect with creating new products and services that drastically transform people’s lives.

Here the entrepreneurs are taken through an immersive and enlightening process of identifying the social issues surrounding them and coming up with clarity infused solutions. The ventures from the onset are geared towards ensuring they first match their best self interests and expand their inclusivity to accommodate the greater good.

Since the entrepreneurs are at an early stage of their ventures, it becomes easier for them to incorporate these tools and resources as they expand over time. This paves way for a more seamless application of the lessons learnt and therefore has a ripple effect on the lives of the people they touch.

Social entrepreneurship is undoubtedly  a pragmatic and impactful way for businesses to not only make a difference but also make innovation an actuality in society. At Tapona we believe that the responsibility lies not only in the big corporations and the governments but also to small startups who can have as great an impact.

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