Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chen Supplies

‘My passion for cooking and all things culinary drew me to wanting to create an outlet for this energy. This is how Chen Supplies was born’, Linda explains as she welcomes us to her home in Karen, which also doubles up as the operating place for her business.

She mainly deals with supplying half prepared and pre-packaged foods such as fish, chicken, bean, lentils and green grams. Her menu is a series of natural and organic produce. For the Kenyan market, these give most people the option to fry, cook or saute in sauce to their liking. The packaging also ensures the food retains its freshness until ready for consumption.

The Drive

‘I wanted to give people the most healthy options at the best value. There isn’t a lot of that in today’s fast paced, fast food sphere in Nairobi. We are trying to motivate people to make healthier food choices and above all provide delicious alternatives. All the foods that we focus on are rich in nutrients and are prepared with the most care and love, to ensure that only the best reaches our client’s plates’, she adds on what drives her business model.

She prepares all the food at home and makes deliveries to clients around Nairobi. Her target group is mainly professionals, suburban households, and also expatriates who live in the city.

The Challenges

‘When I started my business, it was mainly through intuition and random information that I had picked up along the way that I relied on. I had a few setbacks financially and management- wise. It was clear that I needed a more pragmatic framework to lay my foundation upon.’ she explains, on the hurdles she encountered along the way.

So when I found out about the Tapona accelerator program, I thought it would be wise to enrol, and find out how I can make my business take off properly. This has proved to be what I needed to propel the venture to the next level’.

The Impact

‘Since I joined the program, I’ve seen a steady growth in my business, my approach and overall heightened awareness on how to run everyday tasks at top capacity. For instance, my finances are more candid and I am able to assess the situation in real time. This gives me a heads-up on what aspects need urgent care and how to smoothly navigate the business environment.’

She says having industry leaders and mentors in the program has been integral in redefining her vision. ‘ I’ve learnt that failure can be a stepping stone if you use all the lessons that come with it, and if you choose to see them as such. It has been a growth experience learning from those who have travelled this journey and seen the light’.

‘I would encourage entrepreneurs to join Tapona Accelerator program and get to experience the range of valuable insights that can take their ventures to the next level. I am glad I got to be part of this redefining experience, and I am continually adding the insights to my business operations.’

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